Twitter Releases Second Transparency Report

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Twitter has released its transparency report based on the data of past six months. This is in view of the requests received by the Government seeking content removal and user information. The Government had also received takedown notices from copyright holders. Twitter has been experiencing a steady increase in requests from Government regarding content removal. It is seen that over 81 per cent of information originated from the US.

The social networking site, Twitter has till now received a total of 1,858 information requests. Out of the total requests received over 1,009 were received from various Governments. The huge number of requests received now accounts to over 16 per cent growth in the requests.

Twitter Releases Second Transparency Report

Countries like Germany, India, Mexico, Italy and Australia recorded less than 10 per cent of user requests. US recorded the highest numbers with 815 requests for information in total.

Information requests are the requests made by the Government to Twitter on User accounts which may be in connection with some cases or any criminal investigations. Removal requests on the other hand involve removal of unpleasant content that is present on a microblogging site. This also includes contents that are illegal.

Figures show that there had been a steep increase in the number of requests seeking content removal from a mere 6 in the first half to 42 in the following half. Although there was a significant rise in the removal and information requests, data shows that copyright notices have been reduced to 3,268 from the earlier 3, 378 notices.

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