Twitter Tweaks Embedded Tweets: How To Embed a Tweet on your Website or Blog?

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Twitter has worked on the embedded tweet feature adding new facets to make it easier to use. The new enhancements were introduced on Tuesday. The redesigned embedded tweet boxes are more engaging than before displaying photos, article summaries, videos, as well as content that has been shared in any Tweet just as in Instagram photos will appear as links.

Brian Ellin, the product manager at Twitter stated in the company's blog post that embedded tweets will show favourite and retweet counts and will load faster than before. Readers can see at a glance how popular a particular tweet is.

Apart from the new features, Twitter has also worked on making it easier to embed a tweet onto a website. On clicking the ‘more' button given in a tweet, ‘Embed this Tweet' option can be selected which gives the embed code.

Twitter Tweaks Embedded Tweets: How To Embed a Tweet on your Website ?

The same can be done on TweetDeck. This will significantly reduce number of steps required for embedding a tweet, thereby making it an easier experience. Earlier, users had to select Expand and then Details before being able to access the Embed option.

These enhancements by Twitter have enormous significance for the company. It indicates that twitter is not approving of screenshots of tweets going around. There have been modified screenshots that pass for original tweets in the past.

Without a link to the original tweet, readers were often left wondering about the authenticity of the tweet. Media outlets can now source news from Twitter by keeping the original content of a tweet. With embedded tweets, all users need to do to verify the tweet is to click to go to the original tweet available on Twitter.

To embed a Tweet on your website or blog:

Step 1: Click Embed this Tweet, located at the bottom of any Tweet permalink page.
Step 2: Select HTML, Shortcode, or Link from the pop-up dialog box.
Step 3: Copy and paste the code provided in the dialog box into your blog or website.

Please Note: The Tweet embed code can be used to display all kinds of Tweets, including Tweets with photos and videos, as well as Tweets that are part of a conversation (@replies).

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