Twitter to Launch Standalone Video Sharing Vine App Soon: Not A Real Innovation?

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Back in October 2012, Twitter acquired Vine - a video sharing startup. In a recent development, a tweet sent out by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo contained a video created from Vine, hinting that the application is almost ready for launch. For those who are not aware, the video sharing service specializes in very short clips, spanning for a few seconds only, this is why it complements well with Twitter, owning to the micro-blogging site's character limit.

Vine is claimed to be different from the other services available in the market as it enables to upload few quick video snippets of six seconds. Vine will automatically generate a longer video stitched together from those small video snippets that were uploaded.

Twitter to Launch Standalone Video Sharing Vine App Soon:

According to an AllThingsD report, citing inside sources, Twitter is reportedly planning to launch Vine, its video sharing app on Apple App Store really soon. The report claims that Vine will debut as a standalone app and will have no Twitter branding on the app. Further, it is claimed that the uploaded videos can be posted on Twitter.

However, it is to be noted that there is no confirmation from Twitter on the launch of the application.

Vigi on App Store

Though the micro-blogging site is praised for its innovation of letting users to embed videos on the tweets, according to a Facebook user who has contacted Gizbot, Twitter is planning to launch something that is already available in the App Store.

Yes, as per information provided by one of three creators of Vigi, an app available for iOS since November 18 - it performs the same task that Vine is claimed to do so. The message states that "Vigi is a new media format for the iPhone. While a single photo leaves so much out of a special moment, Vigi perfectly captures them with motion and sound, creating beautiful mini looping videos in a fun way which are easily shared with friends and family through social networks."

The tipster further challenged that, "So, clearly, Twitter is aiming for innovation here, but maybe they are not aware that what they're currently working on has already been done and is available to the world. We would like that people (and Twitter) know about this."

For those who wish to try the app can check out Vigi available for free on the App Store.


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