Twitter Vine Porn Problem: Social Network Apologizes, Makes Aggressive Efforts To Clean Up

By: Gizbot Bureau

Reports came out last week following the inappropriate content being featured in Vine, the video-sharing app of Twitter. Pornographic content appeared right on the home page of the site which could not be removed. Twitter has now apologized for the same, calling it a human error.

The micro blogging site has apologized saying it was a ‘human error' that allowed the adult video marked "porn" and "nsfvine" to be featured on its homepage.

The firm has now removed the video from its site. The issue put Twitter under pressure to find solutions to clean up its app, which is now available for free on iPhones of Apple. It was also seen that certain inappropriate videos in ‘Vine' prompt users to tap to view them. However, other clips on the video sharing site play automatically.

Twitter Vine Porn Problem: Social Network Apologizes, Makes Aggressive

There is no age limit for using the app and there is no way one can prevent children from viewing it. Twitter also said that the users are free to report inappropriate contents published on the site. It also said that videos that fall in the inappropriate category will have a warning message, which the users should go through before clicking on the video.

The social networking site also said that any content which is found to violate the rules and regulations of the site will be removed immediately and the account of the user who posted the video will be terminated.

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