Wavii gives updates on interested topics [Video]

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Remember the old days, when you go for any trip and write big stories to your loved ones and friends. Later, Facebook came and made things crisp. It made everything short by means of status updates. You can simply type in an update, post photos, change relationship and convey what you need to.

Wavii is doing a similar task but rather than keeping up on friends, it helps you to be updated on everything you are interested in. You can start by following any topic that you like. It may be about celebrities, gadgets you have or anything literally. Wavii will search the web for what is happening on these topics and build your status updates.

With Wavii, you can be updated about all that you care about in your personalized news feed. It will automatically create updates for your favorite topics and update what is happening. You can discuss about these with your friends as well. The more you follow, the more active and personalized will be your news feed

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