WhatsApp Now Features End-to-End Encryption For Secure Messaging

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WhatsApp which is by far the most highly used messaging platform has been releasing a number of updates off late. Moreover, the update that brought the 'double check in blue' came into existence just a couple of days back. It gives the idea to the sender that the message has been read by the receiver. However, the feature can be disabled as well.

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Now, WhatsApp has rolled out another update that will offer Android devices a better security to the content to the messages users send via WhatsApp. Precisely, the Android version of WhatsApp now boast end-to-end encryption for messages, according to a new report.

WhatsApp Now Features End-to-End Encryption For Secure Messaging

In other words, the "end-to-end" means that WhatsApp won't be able to decrypt your messages. This very fact, now makes the highly used app also one of the best and highly secure messaging app. Unlike messages encrypted by Gmail or Facebook Chat, WhatsApp won't be able to decrypt the messages itself, even if the company is compelled by law enforcement.

WhatsApp partnered with Open Whisper Systems for the implementation, using open source code to build the new features. Getting the code ready for WhatsApp to use took around six months, so it was no easy task, a report online stated.

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However, it is not clear when the feature will come to iOS. This could be one of the best steps taken by Facebook to make its multi-billion dollar app secure for its 600 million users.

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