Yahoo Mail, Dropbox Join Hands to Bring an End to Attachment Limits

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Yahoo Mail doesn't provide cloud storage solution like Gmail or Outbix provides, but it has chosen to provide an alternative, by partnering with Dropbox. This merger will allow Yahoo Mail users to access Dropbox files directly from the mailbox.

Now, attachments will no longer be restricted to 25 MB as they no longer are required to be hosted on Yahoo's servers. All attachments once opened, can be saved as files in the user's Dropbox account. This sure will help clear up some hard-disc space, won't it? Anyways, the Yahoo Mail does give you a choice to save files on your computer or cloud storage.

Yahoo Mail, Dropbox Join Hands to Bring an End to Attachment Limits

The Dropbox integrated version of Yahoo mail started rolling out globally, yesterday (April 2). Users who already use Dropbox, should have no problem in getting started. For those who are new to Dropbox, here's how you can use the cloud storage software.

Step 1: Click on any attachment you receive in Yahoo! Mail select ‘Save to All', then ‘Save to Dropbox', you will from here be directed by yahoo, on how to set up a new Dropbox account.

Step 2: To save files on the Dropbox in Yahoo! Mail, the users will need to open an attachment and click the 'Save to Dropbox' button. One can also save files in the default Yahoo! Mail folder or click on 'More Options' to create new Dropbox folder.

Also note, you send a new attachment from Dropbox in Yahoo! Mail by selecting the dropdown next to the paperclip icon in Yahoo! Mail and selecting ‘Share from Dropbox'. The Dropbox Chooser will pop up so you can select the files you want to share then see them automatically appear as attachments within the email you're composing.

In addition, you can send larger files simply drag and drop the attachment into your email. However, you will have to send it via Dropbox.

Yahoo Mail supports languages including English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

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