Zurker: A social network with owners [Video]

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When the social networks emerged, no one questioned about them. They were great means of connecting and staying in touch with friends. These websites were also used to make new friends. Gradually, concerns started and many new social networks starting arising. They promised the users that they can own their data.

Zurker, the new social network takes this further. In Zurker, you don't only own your data but the network itself. Every user of the social network can become a co-owner or shareholder of it. Once you become a member, you get a free stake. Isn't it cool?

Zurker is a member owned network. What is the benefit in this? When the social networks are owned by investment banks or VCs, they get skewed to one particular thing, making money. To make money they keep creating ways to mine data from users, to monetize every action of the users, get them addicted to paid apps and more.

Zurker is completely driven by democracy. Zurker believes in the concept that if the users are owners, they will contribute ideas and feedback about the product. This will let the network to get in tune with what people actually require.

The other social networks that are available on the web consume most of your time. You help them grow and benefit by referring friends. But in Zurker, you earn by referring friends. The more friends you refer, the more equity you earn. The value of the network increases as more people join. As the value increases, your stake becomes more valuable. The video will explain the concept of Zurker briefly.

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