ABI Research: Global Tablet Sales to Hit 145 Million in 2013

By: Gizbot Bureau

Tablets gained popularity in 2010 and became a popular device in technology market during 2011. While laptops and mobile phones concentrated on productivity and communication respectively, tablets took advantage of the entertainment needs of the users. Thus, they evolved into the best choice for game and movie lovers. Now, a research firm named ABI Research presented a report regarding the increasing use of tablets in 2013.

The tablet market was highly dominated by Apple in the beginning. However, the increased recognition paved the way for more vendors to enter into the tablet market. Both device manufacturers and app developers started investing in this market in addition to the mobile device market. Several android based tablets came into market as a result of this such as Amazon, Samsung, ASUS, Google etc. RIM and Microsoft also created waves in the market with their innovation.

ABI Research: Global Tablet Sales to Hit 145 Million in 2013

This scenario predicts a further rise in tablet shipments by 2013. As per the research reports from ABI Research, about 145 million tablets will be shipped in 2013. The research firm also expects that new entrants and affordable designs will hit the tablet market soon.

Apart from entertainment, business will also become a contributing factor to tablet market. ABI Research states that the business users will consume nearly 19% from the 145 million tablets to be shipped in 2013.

Earlier, tablets satisfied the tech savvy generation as it can be used without a lot of technological aids. The research says that people can benefit more from new shipments than a full fledged PC. ABI Research continues its research to the adoption of eBook Readers too which also act as a form factor to tablet development. The tablet research reports explain the reason for AMD's plans to introduce SoC (system-on-chip) platforms.

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