Amazon Kindle (7th Generation) Simplified: Here Are 10 Things We Learnt

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e-book readers and enthusiasts all across the world have, more or less, one thing common. That is the choice they make in their e-book gear. Most of them easily swear by the Kindle tabs from Amazon. And naturally, that's one of the best choices you could make.

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The Kindle series from Amazon has come of age since it was first brought into mainstream. And since then, we have seen a host of people adopting the e-reader. Although, personally, hard cover comes into preference.

With the new 7th generation Amazon Kindle now in stores, the enthusiasm is as same as any. But what are the new e-Reader's key things? We take a closer look.

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Touch Screen Goes Budget

There was once a time when a touchscreen e-Reader would set you back heftily. But the 7th generation Amazon Fire has successfully exorcised all those demons with a touchscreen tab that, although same as its predecessor, is here at half its price. And if that's not a good deal to buy a new Kindle, we don't know what is.

Specs Aren't Half Bad

Similar to its predecessor Kindle Touch back in 2011, this new Kindle has the same 4GB of memory which should provide you enough space to hold more books than you will probably expect. It has the same 6-inch screen with a similar 800 x 600 resolution that even offers 167 pixels per inch. And even if that sounds low, we are sure you won't need more than that for a 16-level E-Ink screen.

Upped Processor

While most things remain similar, the one thing that has indeed upgraded is the processor. It's more faster now than usual and that shows in the speed on the turning pages. In fact, they are fast enough to even hide it carefully while the page is refreshing. And this is big refresh from the e-Readers of the past that took a bit of time to fully refresh the page and its contents.

Responsive Touchscreen

As you would expect from a tablet in terms of the modern day, the touchscreen experience on this one is as fine as it gets. Not to mention, its heightened responsiveness. You can even make use of gestures such as swiping to 'unlock' the Kindle, and even going through the menus and other pages. Having such dedicated gesture modules at this low a price has to be a bargain.

Refined Search

With new generation, the modules inside this modern day reader has changed. For instance, it will amaze you just how how easy it is when you are searching for something in the device library, let alone searching for a new book in the Kindle store. The same is applicable when typing in Wi-Fi passwords and making notes.

One-Handed Operation bit Edgy

While all's okay in the new Kindle front, most classic users will agree that Amazon could have gone easy on the bezels for the tablet this time around. Since the bezel count doesn't go any thinner on this, carrying it in one hand can be an issue. In fact, the new model is a few millimetres bigger in all dimensions. The reader also weighs in at 190g.

No Change in Software

In terms of software and the features inside, don't expect much of a difference. Provided that you are up to date with the overall software interface of the Kindles in the past. However, with the company adding more and more new features everyday, we are sure you will come to like the Freetime feature. You can set reading targets for each and they will earn badges for the same.

Homescreen and UI

The home screen features the three most recently read books, although you can still re-arrange them by recency, title and author. The book covers also feature a bar showing you how far you've read. You can also see books that you've purchased but not downloaded by tapping on the 'Cloud' option.

Big on Battery

While Amazon claims that a single charge of the battery can last up to a month if used half an hour a day without connecting, we have seen that the battery lasts for weeks if you read for short periods each day if it's just the reading you are concerned about.

Should You Upgrade?

Aside from the fact that there are no speakers or a headphone jack, this is the cheapest Kindle that you can get your hands on. While that sounds like a catch, make note that the box doesn't carry a charger for the device. Stuff like X-Ray, Page Flip, the built-in dictionary and Wikipedia lookup make it a more complete reading experience than you'll get elsewhere. And if you are dedicated reader who likes his books cheap and fast on the go, this is the device you should be looking for.

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