Apple iPad Air 2: Top 5 Business Features

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Ever since Apple unveiled the iPad Air 2, the tech media has been asking crazy amounts of questions about the relevance of the device. Sure, there are a number of signs that suggest consumer' have been ignoring iPads completely in favor of cheaper Android slates.

Of course, sales have been flat over the past few months, but the iPad Air 2 could prove to be a popular device among the business community once again.

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The iPad Air 2, which features a slimmer design and a new processor, can actually help your business grow. In fact, the device has got a number of intriguing new features that will help an executive to be more productive.

And since, it runs on iOS mobile operating system, it gives you an unmatched selection of business-centric applications.

The new iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi only) model now starts at Rs 35,900, Rs 42,900 and Rs 49,900 for the 16, 64 and 128GB variants. The cellular versions cost Rs 45,900, Rs 52,900 and Rs 59,900 for the three native storage options, respectively.

Here are top 5 business features of the new iPad Air 2. Happy weekend!

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Thinner Profile

With the new iPad Air 2, you won't miss out much from your laptops. Apple says the iPad Air 2 is 18 % thinner than the previous generation iPad Air. Notably, the tablet is lighter than its successor. As an executive, you always prefer to carry a light device, since your job requires you to travel constantly.

Powerful Processor

Believe it or not, the new iPad Air 2 gives you a 40 percent performance boost over the iPhone 6, which uses A8 chipset. In comparison, the iPad Air 2 boasts about the A8X chipset. The company also claims the CPU will improve battery life, claiming 10 hours of juice.

Faster Data Speeds

As the coporate worl grows rapidly, business users expect faster data downloads on the go. That means their device should support 4G LTE networks. Amazingly the new iPad Air 2 supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi connections that are offering fast download speeds. Moreover, the 4G LTE-enabled iPad Air 2 will offer internet speeds at a much faster rate.


For a business executive, security should be a priority. The iPad Air 2 is the first iPad model to include a fingerprint sensor. The embedded fingerprint scanner lets you keep your tablet secure.

iOS 8

The iPad Air 2 runs on iOS 8, Apple's latest mobile operating system. Well, the update brings a lot of added features that would help a business user grow in a positive manner. For instance, there's an ability to add third-party keyboards. That should be seen as a highly recommend feature for those who do a lot of typing on the iPad.

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