Apple Reportedly Shelves Plans To Release its 12.9 Inch iPad Pro

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There has been a lot of buzz as to what new devices Apple has in store for 2014. Apple's current CEO Tim Cook has said on prior occasions that the new product categories are due this year.

Although Apple has never ever spoken about what new devices we will get to see in 2014, but analysts continues to spread inside details on a daily basis.

One of the devices that had been making news until recently was a large size tablet, dubbed the iPad Pro. Back in December, multiple reports had suggested that Apple might announce a gigantic iPad in early 2014. Reports were rife that Apple's iPad Pro, a 12.9-inch tablet, would come in two variants: one with a Standard-HD display and the other with a 4K display.

Now, all of the sudden, a new report has surfaced on the web in respect to Apple's suspicious iPad Pro. Taiwan's DigiTimes reports that Apple has altogether shelved its 12.9-inch iPad Maxi project.

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Apple Reportedly Shelves Plans To Release its 12.9 Inch iPad Pro

According to the report, the reason why large-sized tablets are facing difficulties is because of lack of support from developer.

Basically, the ecosystem to support large-sized tablets is yet to be mushroomed. Thus, leading players like Asus and Apple have scrapped work on mammoth tablet devices.

"Apple has also been said to shelved its large-size tablet project", informs DigiTimes.

At the same time, the report sheds light on the weak performance of Samsung's newly launched Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2.

"Samsung flooded the market with several tablets of different sizes and specifications in January and is pushing its 12.2-inch tablet with a new user interface and multi-tasking ability, features that are designed for the enterprise market. But Samsung tablet has a weaker price/performance ratio compared to notebooks of the similar price range. Worse still, most of Android's enterprise applications are inferior to those on the PC platform".

It remains to be seen whether Apple is still interested in rolling out its maiden iPad Maxi or not. A lot will depend upon consumers' sentiments and developers' openness towards extra large tablets.

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