Apple Rumored to Release ARM-based Macbooks, Yet Again

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There's no surprise that Apple is back in new again, and as expected, it's for a brand new reason. According to reports, Apple could be looking to release ARM-based Macbooks in the coming days.

As of recently, French website Macbidouille's cited a source who has shared this pretty interesting rumour, although everything has to be taken with a pinch of salt. The source has also revealed that Apple is currently working on new ARM-based Mac variant that will arrive with the Magic Trackpad built in to the keyboard of the system.

Apple Rumored to Release ARM-based Macbooks, Yet Again

Reports claim that the systems are running a "completely equivalent" OS X operating system in ARM, with several different prototype machines already said to have been developed. These machines are said to be based on multiple ARM CPUs, each with their own multiple cores.

As expectded, Apple has kept the development under heavy wraps, especially with the Mac lineup recently witnessing a transition not so long ago. At that time, Apple moved to the Intel x86 platform.

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"Of course, Apple already made a switch along these lines once, in a massive transition from IBM's PowerPC chips to Intel's line of processors," Apple Insider states.

"That switch proved beneficial to Apple, allowing its machines to run Windows and also tapping into Intel's speedier chips, and as a result Mac sales went to new highs."

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Before this, Apple had already made a switch from PowerPC architecture to Intel x86 chips for its Mac line-up. Since then, it has been developing ARM-based processors for use in iOS devices.

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