Apple's Smart Cover For iPad Might Get Visual Notification Feature Soon

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What would you understand when someone files a patent which reads, "Integrated visual notification system in an accessory device." And if the patent is filed by someone which manufactures smarphones and tablets like Apple, you've got to believe that they are up to something which is related to tablet or smartphone cover.

Apple Patents Smart Cover For iPad That Offers Visual Notification

And, yes we are talking about Apple's upcoming iPad cover which will be smarter than the previous one. The cover according to the filed patent suggests that the users will be able to check their notification like email, SMS and other alerts without opening the screen. That means that some kind of technology will be used in the accessory itself to enable that feature.

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Thus, Apple is talking about an advanced iPad Smart Cover that contains illumination and communication elements that light up to alert users to incoming messages, low battery warnings and other notifications.

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The images spotted at the patent filing resembles HTC Dot View Case that was launched for the HTC One M8. The patent mentions two ways of achieving the notifications, one is by using Smart Covers with built-in LEDs or displays and another is by using translucent or selectively transparent materials. It also said that the level of illuminations which are embedded in the cover can be controlled by the user.

According to Apple's patent filing, "In some cases the illumination states can be human readable. For example, the illumination elements can form recognizable words or symbols. In other cases a series of lights can be understood by a user to signify a specific operating state."

If you are not aware, Apple's illuminated Smart Cover patent application was first filed for in 2012. There are not much information about the pricing and availability of the accessory at the moment.

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