Asus New Dual-Boot Hybrid Device Teaser Out For CES 2014

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As the CES 2014 is all set to kick start next month from 7th all major consumer electronics brands are preparing themselves for the same big event. However, few have already started teasing their devices that are going to be showcased at the event. One among them is Asus whio has recent;ly started teasing their new device that will probably be seen at the CES, 2014.

Asus New Dual-Boot Hybrid Device Teaser Out For CES 2014

According to the reports from Engadget, the recent teaser video that has appeared on YouTube is supposedly the new device from Asus which will have a dual boot system. Thus it could be called as a hybrid device which is expected to run both Windows and Google's Android OS.

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However, the company is not spoken about the device formally and nor are there any details pertaining to the device as of now. But there are strong suggestions that it could be something part of the Transformer range which would come with a keyboard dock like the existing devices.

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Talking about the teaser video, the clip shows some brushed metal, promising that the new gear will transform your life. There is a Statue of Liberty, which throws a peace "V". The tablet then turns into Blue and Green alternatively which means Windows and Android respectively.

Since there is no other ways to find out more about the details of the device hat the Taiwanese Asus is trying to tease us, the only way is to wait until the CES, 2014 event starts. However, you can expect a couple of more teasers in the upcoming days.

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