Bought an Android Tablet for the First Time? Here are 5 Easy Steps to Get You Started

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So you managed to muster enough money to spend on the first ever tablet of your life? Chances are that you are still on the fringes on how to get started with it. Although there's not much difference in that and getting started with a new smartphone.

To be perfectly honest, Android tablets are basically digital slates running the Android operating system. And like a phone, they can be used for several different tasks including checking mails, surfing the web, playing games and more.

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However, it is to be kept in mind that an Android tablet is a bit different from an Android phone. And it's not only the form-factor that's different, but the user-interface is also something of mystery to most new users. Hence, here's a look at the 5 things you need to keep in mind to get you started.

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Understand the Capacitive Buttons

Like in a phone, you will find three-basic touch-capacitive keys. These basic control keys are used for controlling applications and other basic commands. These are the home button (used to jump to the home screen of your Android device), the back button (for going to the previous page or activity) and Multi-tasking button (will give a list of all applications running in the background).

Set Up Your Tablet

For this, you will require you active Google account details to sign in. This will be useful for downloading apps via the Google Play Store.

Customization Options

Since Google's Android operating system is open source, the options to customize your slate the way you want it are endless. You could set up custom Android smart actions that will carry out specific activities when specific commands are provided. You could even adjust the screen timeout to save your battery.

Sync Your Slate

If you have an active sync between your tablet and your home PC, it becomes much easier to transfer data like pictures, videos, contacts, messages, emails seamlessly. To configure synchronization options for apps or accounts, go to Settings -- Accounts & sync. Either you could set up Gmail in Mozilla Thunderbird, or set up the same in Microsoft Outlook.

Back Up Your Data

There are huge chances that your slate will receive data everyday that are needed to be saved in a second location for future use. Remember to always back up your data to your computer, mobile phone or an external storage. Google Cloud could also be a good option for that.

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