Digiflip Pro XT712 Hands on and First Look: Not Great, But Better than Others At This Price

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Since launch, tablet computers have become more productive in nature. And, in India, tablet ownership is fast becoming the norm. There are number of vendors selling tablet devices in the country, but would you like to buy your next slate marketed by an e-retailer? That's what Flipkart - India's largest online retailer, wishes to communicate the message to the country's youth brigade.

Following the footsteps of Amazon and Croma, Flipkart has added a new product to its private brand Digiflip. It's a tablet computer, the Digiflip Pro XT712, which will be exclusively made available on Flipkart.com, starting today.

Digiflip Pro XT712 Hands on and First Look

At Rs. 9,999, the new Android-powered tablet isn't a path breaking device nor does it try to be different from the rest of the crowd. It is similar to end number of tablets already available in the market. But before you make any conclusion, GizBot would be happy to advise you on the pros and cons of the Digiflip Pro XT712. Here are our first hand-on impressions!

Digiflip Pro XT712 Hands on and First Look

Digiflip Pro XT712: Form Factor, Display and Operating System

The new 7-inch tablet device isn't a toy, it's a tablet made for some serious work. The Digiflip Pro XT 712 is so much nicer to hold than some of the cheap glossy tablets available in the market, all thanks to its metal build. The device measures 9.2mm in terms of thickness and weighs in at less than 300 grams.

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The front side of the tablet is dominated by a 2-megapixel front-facing shooter above the 7-inch HD display, and notably there are no regular hardware buttons. On the left side of the slate, you'll get to see the power button, alongside the volume rocker buttons. The micro USB port on the bottom is used for charging.

Digiflip Pro XT712 Hands on and First Look

From the front, the tablet seems fine; the back side has a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera with a single LED Flash, plus a Digiflip logo. Also, you will notice the panel in which the regular dual-SIMs and the expandable microSIM slots are ducked inside can be removed gently. On the downside, users may find it hard to accept, but the reality is that you cannot remove the back side cover. neither the 3000mAh battery inside.

Digiflip Pro XT712 Hands on and First Look

It is essential to have a sharp and crisp display, since our maximum time will be spent using the tablet. We're not asking for a nice Full HD screen at this price range, but at least one should expect a decent 7-inch (1280 x 800 pixels) display. The 7-inch screen of the Digiflip Pro XT712 seemed far better than the recently launched Asus Fonepad 7 Dual. Flipkart says it's the sharpest 7-inch tablet ever launched in this price segment.

Digiflip Pro XT712 Hands on and First Look

The latest 7-inch tablet runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out-of-the-box. That means we're not going to see any sort of customization options available. The stock Android OS is good for beginners, but at the end what new thing does this tablet bring to the table? Of course, Flipkart has added its own shopping apps pre-loaded on the device itself, but we'd have expected something more, at least, in respect to software modification - just like the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.

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