Google Could Deliver A Touch Screen Chromebook Later This Year

By: Anuj Bhatia

Google has given much of its energies into making Android a successful mobile OS. That's not the end for the software giant. Last year, the company started taking interest in promoting its sleepiest OS project. The Chrome OS is not an ordinary operating system.

It is neither like Microsoft's Windows nor like Android mobile OS. It is basically invented to play with web. Google has partnered with leading hardware companies such as - Samsung, Acer, Lenovo and HP, to make Chrome certified notebooks. It is also being said that in future the company may like to be launch a high end Chrome device that rivals MacBook Pros.

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Google Could Deliver A Touch Screen Chromebook Later This Year

Google Chrome OS - What About $249 Touchscreen Notebook?

Google along with Samsung managed to create an identity with $249 notebook. It is for the first time, when a leading brand offers a notebook at this fantastic price. The design was phenomenally great, a lot similar to the current generation MacBook Air.

However, its hardware quality was not that top notch, but going by the price, it was just right. Now a latest rumor says that Google is set to launch a touch screen Chrome notebook. The report published in TheWall Street Journal states that the software giant is indeed working on touch screen Chrome certified notebooks and their arrival hints at later this year. If this news is true then very soon the cat will be out of trap. One could hear a proper announcement at Google I/0 2013.

Google's attempt at selling $249 notebook has paid off well. A good look at gives us evidence that the Samsung manufactured Google Chromebook ($249), has maintained its numero uno position as the top selling notebook. Last month, World's biggest PC maker, also announced Google Chromebook for $329. It is strange on the part of Google that it has totally ignored India as a favorable destination for selling Chrome devices. In a country where PC penetration is far less than developed countries, could open plethora of opportunities for Google and its hardware partners.

Google chromebooks face tough competition from Microsoft's newly launched Windows 8 and cheap Android tablets. The biggest benefit of using a budget Chrombook over a tablet is the built in keyboard. These chrome devices are heavily dependent on internet and country like India still not open to the idea of free internet access.

The coming of touchscreen OS would definitely bring much need features in the OS itself. Plus, Google must have geared up more use full apps in its app store.

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