Google Patents Laptop with Built-In Smartphone

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Similar to what Motorola had tried with its Atrix 4G and its laptop dock device few years ago, Google might be working on a somewhat similar device. A new US patent 8,649,821 was previously approved in February this year that shows a smartphone that can be detachable from a laptop from Google.

Google Patents Laptop with Built-In Smartphone

The search engine giant had filed a patent for a laptop with built-in smartphone back in 2012. The images seen in the patent filing reveals a laptop device with a dedicated smartphone slot. This is somewhat similar to Padfone series from Asus.

Google Patents Laptop with Built-In Smartphone

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The patent report surfaced online today doesn't reveal anything much about the supposed device but it is sure that Google is talking about a tablet with a built-in smartphone dock. Moreover, the interesting part is that we are talking about a Chrome OS-based laptop, which can function with the Android smartphone.

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To be precise, the smartphone's data connection can be used to access the internet on the laptop on the go. But these days most of the devices support WiFi hotspot feature which will connect with the laptop in an easy way. Moreover, the laptop also uses the cell phone's microphone and speaker when the user wants to make VoIP calls or for any other voice functions. The phone will tap into the laptop's speaker, and will probably be able to use the laptop's battery to charge as well.

But right now the device is being described on the basis of the patent-filing. Thus much information needs to be uncovered to come up with a full description of the upcoming Google product. The combination between the Android mobile OS and Chrome OS for laptops might be one area of interest for many as it is the latest combination that Google is on the verge of making.


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