Google To Launch Androidbook in Q3 2013

By: Anuj Bhatia

Late last year, Google made headlines with $249 Samsung manufactured Chromebook. The device was targeted towards ill-fated Windows 8 powered machines. Surely, the reason for getting such low priced netbook has to be related to price factor, and secondly simplicity factor of using web-based Chrome OS. Google currently has interest in two different markets: a tablet centric Android, and PC crusher in the form of Chrome OS. The software giant has also raised its voice recently with Chromebook Pixel, a high-end notebook that can easily trounce Macbook Pro (Retina Display).

So, lot of new things is going on in the R&D labs of Google. Recently, Google promoted Indian -American Sundar Pichai to head Android, Chrome, and Google apps. And as far new reports are to be believed, Google is planning to further expand by announcing Android powered notebook. If sources close to Digitimes are to be believed then one could see Androidbook by Google to arrive in Q3 2013.

Google To Launch Androidbook in Q3 2013

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"As for Google's possible Android-based notebooks (Androidbook), the devices may show up at the end of the third quarter or early in the fourth quarter".

By bringing Android run notebooks is a vague decision first of all. When Google announced Android, the motto was clear - to promote 'connected devices' that can eventually kill bulky desktops and notebooks. Android -based smartphones hit right chord with consumers worldwide, and tablets are still gaining momentum.

Three years back, the software giant introduced Chromebook, a device which needs to be connected to internet every time, and based on Chrome OS. Even today, it is being looked as a cheap alternative to PC. The sales aren't satisfactory, but it is surely going upwards due to big vendors supporting whole heartedly. The application designed for Chrome OS are still below standards. However, Google is working hard to make Chrome OS as popular as Android has achieved lately.

When Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman Google, was here in India, he clearly told the media that Chrome OS and Android would remain separate of a time being, but in future both OS could be merged. With rumors of Chromebook getting touch screen ' late this year ' and Androidbook coming in Q3 ; there is a far chance to see both platforms integrated sometime in near future.

The coming of Google's Chromebook Pixel saw the first sign of touch displays used for Chrome OS. Although, the OS itself is still not fully compatible with touch, still it can manage on its own. Few days back, there was a rumor surrounding Chromebook which clearly states that Google could introduce touch based notebooks based on Chrome OS. It could happen in the coming future.

Source: Digitimes

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