Google Nexus 6, Nexus 8 Mentioned in Chromium code

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Google's Nexus range has proved immensely popular across the world. Even to date, the Nexus 5 continues to sell well and has been giving tough competition to recently released Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One (M8).

Rumor has it that Google is planning to update its Nexus range. There have been a range of rumored dates for a new Nexus 6, but so far the dates have come and gone. Aside from the Nexus 6, Google might have planned to release an 8-inch tablet device sometime around June.

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Earlier in the day, two names Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 have appeared next to each other. The two model names have been uncovered in the Chromium Code Review by German developers Florian Kiersch and Carsten Knobloch. The codes reveals the name of both devices and refer to them as the Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 respectively, suggesting that these could be the final names of forthcoming products under Google's Nexus lineup. The references aren't reliable, though, we cannot rule them out either.

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Google Nexus 6, Nexus 8 Mentioned in Chromium code

Google Nexus 6 

Rumors have it that the Nexus 6 is expected to be based on the forthcoming LG G3, a new high-end phone set to be launched on May 27. Previous reports in the past suggested that Google's Nexus 6 will be a light weight version of the LG G3 with more-or-less similar internal hardware. The Nexus 6 might go on sale sometime in October.

Google Nexus 8 

Google Nexus 8, on the other hand, is even more mysterious, as we hardly have info about the device. Reports straight of Taiwan suggests that Nexus 8 will begin in July or August time frame. A report from DigiTimes backs up those claims that the forthcoming tablet will be produced by HTC instead of Asus.

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