Google Nexus 8 To Be Produced by HTC? Top 5 Rumors You Should Know

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Looks like Google has been keeping a big secret for as long as HTC with the Nexus 8 tablet device. Now, it seems that the secret is already out in the media. After partnering with Asus for 7-inch tablet each for the last two years, Google is now reportedly collaborating with HTC on an 8-inch slate ready to go official in the third quarter of 2014.

Neither of the companies have yet commented on a possibility to see an 8-inch Nexus tablet in coming days. However,
sources have told DigiTimes that HTC has been approached to produce the 8-inch tablet.

According to the original reports, Google approached HTC ahead of the original Nexus 7 release date but the HTC One maker turned down the offer. Hence, Asus was chosen to manufacture the Nexus 7 tablet , which later went on to
become a huge success in the tablet market.

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Google Nexus 8 To Be Produced by HTC? Top 5 Rumors You Should Know

Rumors have it that the Nexus 8 tablet will have an 8.9-inch FHD display. The so-called 8-inch tablet is expected to sit
in-between 7-inch and 10-inch tablet lines. Despite having been a subject of multiple rumors, nothing much is known
about the purported device.

Expected to be released in Q3, the Google Nexus 8 will most likely to give tough competition to the Apple iPad Mini. It has been suggested that Google will take the help of HTC to produce a premium tablet. Further, we can expect the design similar to that of the HTC One (M8).

While Google is anxious to bring the 8-inch tablet into market, it has been suggested that this device could be the last
such product under Nexus series.

"Google is also not very aggressive about its third-generation Nexus tablet since the series has already served the
purpose of boosting Android's penetration in the tablet market," says DigiTimes.

The forthcoming tablet is expected to go official at this year's Google I/O 2014. Meanwhile, here are the top 5
rumors you should know about the much anticipated Nexus 8 tablet to be produced by HTC.

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Google Nexus 8 To Run Intel Processor


More recent report from AndroidPit revealed that the upcoming Nexus 8 tablet will be powered by Intel-based chipset, instead of regular Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. According to the report, the tablet is expected to arrive with Intel's latest generation 64-bit "Moorefield" processor based on 22nm 3D transistor that might be clocked at 2.3GHz for all cores ( quad-core). The chipset supports LTE connectivity, which allows device makers to launch tablet/smartphones with LTE-A.

Asus-made Nexus 8 To Be Announced by April 2014


Earlier this year, DigiTimes reported that Google would like to continue its partnership with Asus with the launch of an 8-inch Nexus tablet. It was informed that Google mightcome with an 8-inch tablet instead of regular 7-inch slate, so as to avoid competition.

Google Nexus 8 Tablet To Run Android 4.5


Back in March 2014, according to the report Google Dublin employee had apparently informed that the new Android 4.5 OS will be officially unveiled in July. That time, it was suggested that the upcoming Google Nexus 8 might getrevealed with the Android 4.5.

Google Nexus 8 To Be Manufactured by HTC, not Asus


A recent report from CNET that cites Rhoda Alexander, director tablet and monitor research at IHS Technology,claims that production will begin in July or August and that it will be made by HTC, not Asus.

Google Nexus 8 - Display


Few days back, Digitimes reported that the Nexus 8 will have a resolution better than 2K. No specific details are given but it could be a 2K resolution display, seeing at the
current trend.

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