Google Nexus 10 Selling Again Via Google Play Store

By: Gizbot Bureau

The Google Nexus 10, a Samsung tablet that has been talked about most frequently, is available for purchase from Google Play Store in US once again. The sale of the devices which ship under Google brand rather than Samsung, had been stopped a while ago due to unexplained reasons. The device was first launched in October 2012. Nexus 10, just like most of the other Nexus devices, has been very hard to procure since the device disappeared from Google Play or never even got there in several locations.

The US customers are in for a treat as Nexus 10 has once again made its appearance in Google Play Store for US. Google Nexus 10 16 GB and Nexus 10 32 GB can both be obtained from Google Play Store. It might take one or two weeks for the ordered tablets to get to the users though.

Google Nexus 10 is a tablet, sized 10 inches and having a 2560x1600 pixels resolution display. It runs on Exynos CPU of Samsung (ARM CPU) with dual core and is equipped with Mali-T604 which is responsible for game rendering and media playback.

This report of the availability of the tablets again is just like the one made in the beginning of January. The availability of the devices seems to be a fluctuating one and users had better grab their chance while they still have it.

The next generation version of Nexus 10, which will be equipped with a quad-core CPU and 8-core GPU, is to be launched during the Mobile World Congress to be held in February.

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