HTC Cancels 12 Inch Windows RT Tablet While 7 Inch is Expected to Launch Soon

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Tablet Market throughout the world has been growing in a fast pace. We have seen high end tablets from Apply ruling the American continent and Sony to the midrange of Samsung (although they have high end models as well). Over the recent years, we have also seen the various budget friendly tables from growing companies. Moreover, the tablet market if now witnessing a cut throat competition. Probably, the competition has thus given another inspiration to these giants to come up with some extra innovation in the device. The tech world has seen some incredible out of the box features in most of the devices that now serves like a measuring device to calculate the design and the functionality of the particular device. Every tablet or PC manufacturers have shown their best innovative skills. To talk with example, the latest Hybrid, dual screen tablet PC from Asus Taichi and Lenovo's latest innovation Ultrabook IdeaPad Yoga 13 Convertible whose screen can swivel to 360 degree.

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HTC Cancels 12 Inch Windows RT Tablet While 7 Inch is Expected Soon

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Perhaps HTC was in verge of making an innovation in a similar fashion, which the reports now say has turned to scrap ideation. Bloomberg reported that HTC had shoved off its plans to develop a larger Windows RT tablet with Microsoft Corp.. Sources to the Bloomberg said the reason, was the lack of demand of such tablet running on Windows operating system in the market. However reports suggests that HTC will still release an ARM-based 7-inch Windows RT tablet in the fall while the larger variant has already been discarded which was expected to sport a 12-inch display.

Reportedly it was said that the larger device required more expensive components, which would have led to a higher retail price. HTC decided not to make the device also because of the low demand of RT machines. Sources also told Bloomberg that the tablet with a screen of about 12 inches was too pricey both in terms of components, and what HTC would have to charge customers. The company expects lower costs and higher demand for a smaller tablet to be delivered around September or October, the person said.

Not to mention, the coming down of HTC's global market share from 4.5 percent last year to 2.4 percent in this first quarter, it seems HTC has been focusing on their HTC One Nexus device as of now to get the sales and shares to its initial high graph.

It was also reported that shipments of Windows RT devices had decreased from 4 million to 3 million according to IDC. On the contrary IDC nearly doubled its 2013 forecast for x86-based Windows 8 tablets to 10 million shipped, up from 5.5 million in the earlier forecast.

However it was also reported that HTC will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor in its 7-inch HTC tablet with Windows RT and a very similar Android tablet will be released at the same time with the version that would pack Microsoft's ARM-friendly OS.

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