HTC Slated for Tablet Refresh in 2015 [ REPORT]

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Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC recently made a grand re-entry into the tablet market with the Nexus 9. Google and HTC have jointly teamed up to create the much-hyped Nexus 9 - a big-ticket tablet device that features a premium design.

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Feedback from early adopters of the tablet has been overwhelmingly positive. However, now that the Nexus 9 is getting rave reviews, the company is reportedly planning to release an own-branded tablet next year.

HTC Nexus 9 In Pictures

HTC Slated for Tablet Refresh in 2015 [ REPORT]

According to a report published by Taiwanese publication Focus Taiwan, HTC CFO Chang Chia-lin recently confirmed that the handset maker will soon launch its own-branded tablet sometime next year. At the same time, HTC has made it clear that they are not interested in making low-end tablets, priced under $164 or Rs. 10,000.

"There is actually a bit more room for growth and product differentiation in the high-end and mid-tier tablet segments," Tong said, in reference to the 7-inch tablet form factor. Jack Tong specifically mentioned that the 7-inch tablet size has lost its popularity, with the incoming of the 5.5-inch phones.

Tablet Market Shows Improvement

The tablet market grew by 11.5 percent worldwide according to the latest report from IDC, with 53.8 million tablets sold in the last quarter. Apple maintained lead with 12.3 million units in the third quarter. Samsung held its number two position on the market with 9.9 million units shipped, capturing an 18.3% market share in the third quarter reporting to experience 5.6% growth.

If latest reports are to be believed, Apple is planning to discontinue the iPad Mini line-up in favor of the forthcoming iPad Pro, a mysterious 12.2-inch tablet device set to arrive in 2015. With sales of iPads falling for the third straight quarter, Apple has no choice to launch an exciting new tablet , targeted at premium buyers.

The success of the Surface Pro 3, a Microsoft-made hybrid tablet, is yet another indicator why HTC isn't interested in manufacturing cheaper tablets.

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Industry analysts believe that the sub-$100 tablet isn't feasible anymore.

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