HTC Nexus 9 Tablet is Real and Coming Soon, Says WSJ

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The whole deal with the entire range of Nexus products is that everyone wants one. While others are of the opinion that it's "just another handset," the option to own a Google-branded product is still a big thing among many. And hence the world now waits for the next Nexus tablet.

While the new Nexus tablet waits to be officially unveiled to the world, all we know as of now is the fact that the tablet will be made by HTC. And although we are yet to come across anything solid related to the matter, WSJ claims that it already knows a thing or two about the new slate.

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HTC Nexus 9 Tablet is Real and Coming Soon, Says WSJ

If you know you facts, you will remember that HTC hasn't made a tablet since 2011 or a Nexus device since 2010. However, if the new reports are anything to go by, those facts might change drastically overnight. And this is after months of rumors and speculations related to the new device.

As revealed via the WSJ, the new tablet is set to arrive with a 9-inch form factor. While greater details remain a bit iffy, but the tablet is indeed supposed to lauch with 64-bit Android L and a 64-bit chip to accompany that.

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The chip for the device is also said to arrive, courtesy of Nvidia with chances that the Nexus 9 will be the launch device for the Denver-based Tegra K1 64-bit. However, we will wait for more inside details on the new device.

While Google hasn't commented on the new claims, the WSJ says it has done so "on the reason it switches partners for Nexus devices." However, it does say that "Android is a vibrant ecosystem, and many of the industry players are doing very well. There's room for many partners to do well and to innovate with Android."

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The WSJ report isn't much specific on the details, but going by what previous rumors have said, the tablet is expected to arrive with 2048x1536 display, 2GB of RAM and 16GB to 32GB of internal storage.

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