Intel CEO: Windows 8 Powered Budget Tablet is Coming to Rival Nexus 7, Apple iPad Mini

By: Anuj Bhatia

The rise of Qualcomm has surely made Intel, world's latest chip maker in a tizzy mood. Until now, not many of us have seen cheap or rather affordable touch screen slates from Intel. On the other hand, Nvidia and Qualcomm have risen sharply in the past few years on the cost of Intel.

Now some positive word is coming from CEO Paul Otellini and CFO Stacy Smith, Intel, in regards to the affordable tablets. Intel is optimistic about Bay Trail, a Quad-Core based processor (Intel Atom), and not to be missed Haswell processors.

In a recent report by CNET, Paul Otellini, CEO, Intel was quoted saying "We have a certain spec for ultrabooks, and that is the product that Stacy said is going to be centered at as low as $599 with some [diverse] SKUs to $499. If you look at touch-enabled Intel based notebooks that are ultrathin and light using non-core processors, those prices are going to be down to as low as $200 probably." as per Paul Otellini, CEO, Intel.

Intel CEO: Windows 8 Powered Budget Tablet is Coming to Rival Nexus 7

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"Bay Trail is going to be a great product in that segment of the market and enable stunning performance relative to what the competition can bring," as per Stacy Smith, Intel CFO.

The Bay Trail chip would be the most powerful chip designed to power "connected devices". This could mean that Intel is eyeing Android market with Bay Trail chip. With Google Nexus 7, and other tablet devices from leading tech vendors, floats comfortably under Rs. 15,000, it should be the right time to splash the colours of Windows 8 at sub Rs. 10,000.

Internationally, an average Windows 8 powered tablet starts above Rs. 25,000, which is astronomically high in comparison to high end slates such as Sony's Xperia Tablet Z among others. Neither Intel nor Microsoft has stuck gold, when it comes to tablet market. Until now, Intel was busy with glitzy marketing promotions of UltraBooks, which didn't fair as per the expectations. While, Microsoft's Windows 8, has been shown closed doors by main stream media as well as consumers. The user interface is slick, but still there are more negatives than positives associated with Windows 8.

It is said that Microsoft is working on ultra affordable Surface tablet device with a 7-inch display. Recently, the Redmond-based tech giant made incremental changes in the Windows 8 OS. Earlier, the OS was not optimized for lower inch tablet devices. By holidays, one could see 7-inch tablets with Windows 8 powered by Bay Trail processors at less than Rs. 15,000. Stay tuned to GizBot.

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