iPad Air Plus to be the Biggest Tablet From Apple: 5 New Features We Want to See

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Each year Apple dazzles with its range of iPhones and iPads that witness huge crowds outside Apple stores the night before a product gets released. And such is the popularity factor of the company that this is a trend that comes into action every year.

While most of the noise in that respect is made by the Apple-made iPhones, the company's tablet business is also something to take note of. The Apple-made iPads have been around for quite sometime with the world now taking note of the upcoming Apple iPad Air Plus which is supposedly the company's biggest.

Apple iPad Air Plus: 5 New Features We Want to See

But with the iPad Air Plus yet to arrive officially, a lot of expectations are in line related to the new tablet from Apple. And here are the 5 features we are expecting from Apple's newest tablet.

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Optional Keyboard
While there are a host of side keyboards that are available for Apple's iPads in the market, we would like to see Apple take that initiative for once and offer its own tailor-made keyboard for the new iPad. And if indeed Apple does look ahead to offering the feature, expect stuff like on-screen mouse and a great trackpad as well.

Apple iPad Air Plus: 5 New Features We Want to See

More focus on OS X
Sure Apple is in no hurry to merge iOS with its desktop-based OS X platform, but we are hoping for more emphasis on the OS X for the new iPad rather than iOS. While we are sure nothing like this will happen, but it would be a great bet to fit the next iPad with Apple's desktop platform. Maybe, that will open up new avenues for the company.

Apple iPad Air Plus: 5 New Features We Want to See

Support for Multiple Users
This one Apple could take a cue from Google's brand new Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. Similar to the fact that Android 5.0 offers dedicated multi-tasking for both smartphones and tablets, we are hoping to see something similar for the new iPad Air Plus. And with its big display, it will be a great addition to the overall productivity factor of the tablet.

Apple iPad Air Plus: 5 New Features We Want to See

Thinner Bezels than Usual
With the new iPad coming around sometime in 2015, we are expecting Apple to adopt a thin design profile for the new tablet. While Apple's rivals in the market have done well in terms of removing any kind of thick bezels from its tablets, it only seems natural that Apple will also follow the trend.

Apple iPad Air Plus: 5 New Features We Want to See

Improved Multi-Tasking
If reports are to be believed, the Apple iPad Air Plus will see a major shift in how multi-tasking is performed on Apple tablets. And that could happen with a brand new iOS update that will look to take advantage of the bigger screen that's at your disposal. While the likes of Samsung, Microsoft and others already offer side-by-side tasking, we are expecting the same from the upcoming iPad Air Plus

Apple iPad Air Plus: 5 New Features We Want to See

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