Microsoft's Surface Mini Tablet Might Feature 8-Inch Display, Digital Pen

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Despite the aching fact that Microsoft has not launched its Surface tablets in India, which bothers the fans in the country, its worth sharing few worthy news related to the company's new product.

Microsoft's Surface Mini Tablet Might Feature 8-Inch Display

The company's Surface Mini tablet that was initially rumored and later confirmed for the May 20th launch was sadly canceled. Online reports pertaining to the same device suggests that the company made the last minute changes then, which ended up with a procrastination of the Surface Mini launch from the designated date. But what company did launch at the very New York event was the new Surface Pro 3 tablet that reportedly is said to go on sale today.

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However, the Surface Mini just got vanished in thin air. Not even a word about it was uttered at and after the event. So most gave up the idea of the tablet soon. But recently, some people close to the matter has reportedly said that plans for a Surface Mini had been made already. According to the News.Softpedia, "it appears that the device still exists and might see the light of day sometime in the future."

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Moreover, Neowin came across a reference to the Surface Mini in a OneNotedocument. This simply shows that the Mini Surface did exist. There are hardly any information about the mini tablet device but there are guesses that it could have an 8-inch display. Rumor has it, Microsoft is planning to sell it as a note-taking device, so a digital pen or a stylus would definitely be the part of the Surface Mini.

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