Nexus 10 Successor Coming With 8 Core GPU and Quad Core CPU in MWC 2013 [REPORT]

By: Gizbot Bureau

An interesting rumor about Google's Nexus 10 is spreading fast in the technology world now. Even though there is no evident reason to believe this, however, report have suggested that Google is prepping up to launch a revamped version of Nexus 10. Yes! Thats right! According to PhoneArena, Google is planning to release the new version of Nexus 10 with advanced GPU at the coming Mobile World Congress the next month.

Google's Nexus 10 come under the list of best tablets released in 2012. But, its processor does not enjoy warm reception from the customers. The main reason for that its performance could not match the 2560x1600 resolution of the tablet. The original Nexus 10 possessed a dual core processor based on Cortex A15 and incorporated in a chip named Samsung Exynos 5. Quad-core GPU is used in this product with Mali-T604 architecture.

Nexus 10 Successor Coming With 8 Core GPU and Quad Core CPU in MWC2013

The new Nexus 10 mentioned in the rumor has 8-core GPU which is quite superior to the previous one. It is expected that this GPU chip will use Mali T678 architecture. If this proves to be a reality, then new Nexus 10 will be the first product using this architecture. The difference between Quad-core and 8-core GPU is much alike to night and day. Hence, there is no doubt that the performance of new Nexus 10 will be far better than that of its original version.

It is a very interesting fact the original Nexus 10 has been in short supply nowadays. Even though the rumor does not guarantee the truth, it serves as an explanation to this fact. Google may be terminating its old production for concentrating on its new model.

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