Samsung Galaxy Note 510 vs iPad Mini vs Zync Quad 8.0 vs Karbonn Smart Tab 8 Velox

By: Anuj Bhatia

When Apple announced iPad Mini last year, it was pegged as a flop device. However, now every manufacturer is kinda impressed with an 8-inch display. All of the sudden, the so-called 7-inch tablet category has slowly moving into the shambles of Apple. OMG! Here also Apple is dictating these tech vendors. It was Apple who introduced iPad with a 9.7-inch back in 2010. In 2012, the company once again made history by launching a 7.9-inch iPad Mini.

Although recently, Samsung, the mighty South Korean giant who is a pain for the Cupertino based tech giant, has announced Galaxy Note 8 aka 510 in India, a device with an 8-inch HD display. But this competition is not only between top international payers. Even the local vendors are stuffing the market with hard hitting opponents at extremely low price tags.

Take a look at some of the India-based tech vendors, which includes Zync, the manufacturer recently came up with India's first 8-inch quad core tablet known by the name of Quad 8.0.

Late last year, Karbonn has announced its 8-inch tablet with dual core processor, and 1GB of RAM. This feature explicitly talks about the Samsung Galaxy Note 510 along with three above mentioned rivals. Take a look into the feature.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 510 vs Competitors

Click Here For Galaxy Note Images and iPad Mini Images

Samsung Galaxy Note 510 vs. iPad Mini

This year Samsung has introduced an iPad Mini killer in the form of Galaxy Note 510. It is not an ordinary 8-inch tablet. The device which is a regular 8-inch quad core tablet doubles as mobile phone. Made from bendable plastic, it doesn't look like Brad Pitt at all. If you have been using Samsung Galaxy devices in the past then please do not crib. Apple uses aluminum led products where as Samsung loves making plastic devices. No comparison between the two. Let's end this war right now.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 510 measures around 338 grams where as iPad Mini is far lighter at 312 grams. The Samsung labeled device comes with an 8-inch display with resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels (720p HD) at 189ppi. On the other hand, Apple iPad Mini has a 7.9-inch display with resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels at 162 ppi.

Samsung Galaxy Note 510 flaunts 1.6-GHz quad core processor (Exynos 4412), so it should be capable of handling multi-tasking with an ease. When it comes to the iPad Mini, Apple made a dud decision by going for A5X processor (Yeah! The same nasty dual core processor found in the iPad 2). That makes it ultra-cheap when compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 510 and Asus Nexus 7.

The Galaxy Note 510 comes loaded with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Apple still stuck with barren iOS 6. Lately, Samsung has come up with unique S-Pen functionality that consumers will definitely miss in the iPad Mini. Some of the minor add-on features that are typical in both devices are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth among others. Note: Samsung Galaxy Note has 2GB of RAM embedded inside. What about iPad Mini? Yup! The device still has 512MB of RAM. When it comes to expandable storage, Samsung offers this option. Both devices offer cellular connectivity.

Other contenders: Zync Quad 8.0

Call it as India's answer to the Samsung Galaxy Note 510 or a rival device to iPad Mini. The Zync Quad 8.0 has an 8-inch display with resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels, 1.5GHz Quad Core processor with Mali -400GUI, 2GB of RAM , 16GB of ROM ( expandable), Android 4.1 Jelly Bean , a 5-mega pixel rear camera and 2-mega pixel front facing camera , Wi-Fi and 5,400mAh battery. The fabled tablet retails for Rs. 12,990.

Karbonn Smart Tab 8 Velox

Launched late last year, the Karbonn Smart Tab 8 Velox is an 8-inch tablet with resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, 1GB of RAM, 1.2-GHz dual -core inside, a 3-mega pixel rear camera, VGA front facing camera, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of box. Some of the highlighted features include: Wi-Fi, 3G- dongle (no SIM capable), 4,500mAh battery, and expandable memory. The device was launched at a price of Rs. 7,000.

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