Samsung Unveils World's First Curved UHD Range of TVs in India

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When TV sets first started coming out, it was way back in late 1920s. Since then, the television has become commonplace in homes, businesses and institutions, particularly as a vehicle for advertising, a source of entertainment, and news. Now it's 2014, and more than 90 years down the line, Samsung is setting an entirely new benchmark in TV viewing.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a burning name in TV technology already for the last eight years, has today set the records straight with the launch of its Curved TV range in India.

Samsung Unveils World's First Curved UHD Range of TVs in India

The company showcased its line-up for 2014 which included world's first Curved UHD TV and expansive portfolio of home entertainment products that have been designed to raise the overall television viewing and audio experience.

Samsung's new 2014 Curved TVs are said to deliver an impressive theatrical experience, while changing the way the world views TVs. The curved screen offers videos a presence that's usually not felt on flat screens, alongside a wider field of view which creates a panoramic effect. This makes the display seem even bigger than it is.

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From virtually any viewing position or angle, the curved design creates a true-to-life experience so everyone in the house can boast the best seat.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. S.K. Kim, Managing Director, Sales at Samsung India said, "In 2014, Samsung is opening a new era of Curved TV with the ultimate immersive viewing experience. With the launch of world's first Curved UHD TV, Samsung is blending its innovative Curved form factor with its UHD TV technology. With this launch, we are further augmenting our robust product portfolio in the home entertainment segment."

"With its full line-up of products, Samsung aims to revolutionize the concept of home entertainment with beautifully designed, world class premium products to meet the discerning taste of its customers", he added.

There are a host of new TVs to choose from Samsung new range of line-ups. There's the Samsung-made 105 Curved UHD TV with a beautiful curved design and movie theater-like aspect ratio. Apart from that, Samsung has also introduced the HU9000 Curved UHD TV and the H8000 Curved Smart LED TV.

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Apart from that, there are the HU8500 UHD TV (flat) and Samsung HU7000. While the HU9000 Curved UHD TV will be available in a 65 for Rs. 4,49,900 and 55 for Rs. 3,29,900, the H8000 Curved Smart LED TV is set to be made available in a 65 model for Rs. 3,85,900, 55 model for Rs. 2,51,900 and 48 model for Rs. 1,62,900.

The HU8500 UHD TV (flat) will be available in a 65 for Rs. 4,09,900 and 55 model for Rs. 2,93,900, while the HU7000 in 40 will be available for Rs. 1,04,900.

Keeping aside the new TVs for the time being, there's the new and faster Samsung Smart Hub which now offers less searching and more watching. Users can easily access all of their live TV, VOD apps and social media in one easy-to-browse place with the Smart Hub.

Moreover, with Samsung's Multi-Link (Dual) feature, consumers can transform their TV into two screens that can access live TV and streaming video / the web, making multi-tasking as easy as ever.

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