Sony Teases Digital Paper, 13.3 Inch E Ink Tablet With Stylus Targeting Students

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After the devices like Sony Xperia Z and the announcement of Xperia ZR and now the prototype of the new e-Ink slate on the way, Sony surely has pulled up it's sleeves.

This "Digital Paper" comparable to the size of the A4 sheet of the paper, is larger than any other tablets and e-readers device and is made particularly for the university students. The tablet will allow PDF creation, reading and annotating. As this device is meant to be like a paper it doesn not have a large set of features like other existing tablets and e-readers. Reportedly, Sony said that the device will be specifically aimed at University students, initially in Japan.

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Sony Teases Digital Paper, 13.3 Inch E Ink Tablet With Stylus Targetin

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Further, the company said that it believes that university offices and students use too much paper so they came up with this "digital paper solution" to ease paper clutter and make document sharing easier and more convenient, proposing "a new work style and learning style." Sony's educational e-slate uses the PDF standard for document creation, editing and annotation.

The device with 13.3-inch, 1200x1600-resolution, 16-level gray scale e-ink display with a touchscreen capabilities holds the dimension of 6.8mm (0.27 inch) thick and weighs 385g (13.6 ounces) which is a perfect size that fits into school bags. It comes with the 4GB built-in storage capacity which can be expanded with a microSD slot. It features WiFi, which Sony plans to use for sharing notes with those who didn't make it to class on time. With WiFi off, the rechargeable battery inside is expected to last for three weeks of solid learning. The slate comes with the stylus which enables user to write and draw on to blank sheets and save it as pdf files which makes it easier for student to make notes in a modern and interseting fashion.

This e-paper device, as of now, is currently said to be in a prototype testing phase. Reports say that Sony Company aims at commercializing the product in 2013 fiscal year. Thus, the commercial version of the device may be expected to be available in early 2014.

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