Tablets Help Increase Popularity of Online Shopping

By: Gizbot Bureau

A latest news report revealed the dominating trend of Tablet sales in the online market. A recent survey conducted by, one of the prominent online retailers showed an uptrend in the sales of tablets by 33 per cent. The tablet sales have now overtaken those of mobiles which show a growth of only 11 per cent each month.

It is observed that mobile phones and tablets are the most searched online products in India. A study named "Online Shopping Trends" disclosed the above fact.

As per the study around 95 per cent of the tablets sold were below Rs.10,000/- while 80 per cent of the mobile sales in India were among those mobiles priced below Rs.5,000/-. The reports are based on the searches and sales in the website Smartphones are preferred to feature phones, and the sales trends show a growth of about 23 per cent.

Tablets Help Increase Popularity of Online Shopping

The sales rankings in the online market differ from that of other sales modes. Micromax leads the sales followed by Nokia. Samsung, HTC and Sony Ericsson are the other leading sales brands. However, Samsung leads the overall sales while people going for physical stores look for a set with different features.

Micromax is a clear leader in the under Rs.10,000/- category tablet sales with its Funbook tablets gaining wide acceptance. Other brands like Penta, Zync and Intex are also finding greater acceptance.

The most surprising fact is that about 50 per cent of the mobile sales online come from smaller towns where internet penetration is quite low and rest of the 50 per cent from the tier-I cities.
When it comes to Operating System Symbian is the top runner with forty six per cent shares with Android coming next with forty four per cent of the shares.

This clearly shows that the iOS Windows, Bada and Black Berry take a back seat with only 10 per cent of the shares. In tablets, Android phones are still the user favorites holding 94 per cent of the shares. This trend is not quite surprising since it is mostly low cost tablets that acquire high sales in India and Android is one of the few options.

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