Top 10 Computer Tips and Tricks Every Indian Should Know

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Being a nerd isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sure you will face a bit of flak from your friends every now and then for being "Mr. Know-it-all" due to your deep interest on anything tech. But hey, even Peter Parker (Spider-Man) was a nerd, and look what happened to him.

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While a thorough knowledge of smartphones is what most look for these days, others in the line are still understanding a thing or two about the basic computer system. And that goes without saying since at least 30 pct of the country is still without any support for the Internet (a previous report claimed).

Well, there's no point calling up the computer repair guy every time your PC starts acting up. Rather, here are the 10 top tips and tricks you need to know for a better overall experience.

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Know the Hidden Features

In case you didn't know, every PC, irrespective of the platform, comes with hidden features. While Windows users could check out the hidden features of Windows 7 and Windows 8, Mac users will find them via the hidden features of OS X Lion and Mountain Lion. Just check the Windows' Registry or in OS X's terminal.

Work with Just Keyboard

A keyboard to operate your machine not only comes handy when your mouse isn't working, but it's also filled with a host of shortcuts to make your life easy. You could educate yourself on the most common shortcuts for your favorite programs, like Gmail or Microsoft Word, and even Facebook.

Get More From Your Hardware

Every PC comes with its own set of power modules and capabilities. However, it isn't a big deal to go past those capabilities and chalk out even more from your machine. For your PC, you could overclock your processor and video card for your personal needs. In fact, you could even make your cheap router into something costly.

Hack into a PC (To Protect Yourself)

Now before the topic of ethics comes flooding in, we should make clear that this is a part of "ethical hacking." You have every authority to protect yourself from prying eyes, and that goes beyond creating a secure password. When you know, your PC will not only be protected by a strong password but with improved encryption.

Delete Entire Words

If you type a lot, at least learn to type smartly. Instead of deleting a single letter, pressing CTRL + BKSP will delete an entire word that's behind the cursor. This makes deleting text quicker if you feel like changes have to be made to the overall sentence.

You can Undo Anything

A PC offers you complete authority to undo almost anything. While you may already know the Ctrl+Z option that you use so often to make changes while typing, the same shortcut option is applicable to almost anything on your computer. So for example, if you accidentally moved a file, you can always use the shortcut command to make things as they were.

Find or Delete Files Wasting Space

There are times when you see that a certain space on your PC is filled with something that you don't need or recall. Obviously you will want to delete it as soon as possible, only to be held back since you can't find it. Well, you could always make use of the WinDirStat tool that finds the files and folders taking up space in your hard drive.

Backup Important Stuff Via Cloud

When you are working on some important material, it may not be enough to save it locally every time. Rather, you could back up your work with the help of Cloud. You could make use of services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and others to save your stuff. Whatever you load, will stay in your Cloud account for ever.

Sub and Superscript Text

If you ever need to make sub or superscript texts, you can always press CTRL + = for subscript and CTRL + SHIFT + = for superscript. It's as easy as it sounds.

Go Through Open Windows

If you have opened a ton of things on your PC and want an easier way through each of them, let us tell you that your keyboard is already willing to help. Pressing ALT+TAB allows you to cycle through currently open windows, hence making switching back and forth between running processes quick and effortless.

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