Top 5 Highly Rated Android Tablets You Could Buy This June

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The market has been quite friendly to the smartphones that have been arriving in numbers. However, similar may not have been the story related to the rise of tablets that are also arriving in numbers.

If you compare the growth of both the kind of devices side-by-side, you will notice that May proved to be a slow month for tablet releases.

Top 5 Highly Rated Android Tablets You Could Buy This June

Maybe it's because the makers were more inclined on releasing smartphones that the crowd wanted, or maybe the form factor of a tablet didn't really click with fans for the month. Somehow, the tablet business experienced a slow growth rate.

However, that being said, the tablet market is indeed quite the growing one. And while a comparison for the same against the smartphone domain might not come as a good thing, it still shows a lot of potential for the year to follow.

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While May has indeed been a slow month, hopes have been rekindled once more with a new month at hand, and hopefully more action in terms of tablet releases and sales.

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So if you are indeed one of those who are looking to invest on a brand new tablet this month, which are the choices that you could look forward to? We take a look at the top 5 tablets for the month of June that should be featuring in your wishlist.

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Top Android Tablets for June: Samsung Galaxy NotePro

Standing at an amazing 12.2-inch form factor, the Samsung-made Galaxy NotePro tablet has been a choice for quite some users who have adopted a tablet device. And more importantly, while there is certainly a market for 12-inch tablets in current times, not many have actually opted to go for it. However, Samsung decided to make an exception in this case, and have indeed garnered profits solely in the section.

Top Android Tablets for June: Kindle Fire HDX

The Kindle Fire HDX is quite the option if you aren't looking to shell out that much cash and yet want to own a device that will offer you the most. The Kindle Fire HDX offers an impressive HD display that matches most top notch tablet offerings in the market. And that also constitutes the device doubling up as a great gaming platform.

Top Android Tablets for June: Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

If its design and modelling you are after, let us tell you the nobody does it as better than Sony. And similar is the standard that has been maintained with the company's Xperia Z2 tablet offering. Apart from offering quite the display, the device also boasts Snapdragon 801 processor and an 8.1MP camera that could match most others in the market.

Top Android Tablets for June: Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 tablet offering may have been released back in 2013, but it still offers a lot of impetus, as far as the tablet race is concerned. As expected from a typical Google offering, the device offers an outstanding display, with sleek designing and a powerful hardware under the hood.

Top Android Tablets for June: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

This mid-tier offering comes with 720p HD displays and quite the modest spec sheet. And since Samsung is ever evolving with its tablet policies, the Galaxy Tab 4 isn't any different. The Galaxy Tab 4 series features a portable, compact design and makes for a great option for the casual tablet user.

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