Top 5 Upcoming Tablets That Could Be Worth Your Time and Money

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While smartphones continue to claim a major share of the market with a host of manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung looking increasingly interested in bringing out new and affordable devices, the age of tablets is also going hand-in-hand with the vendors hoping users will soon adopt them.

Tablets aren't really a brand new sensation in the technology market. On the contrary, they have been around for some time now. However, the initial craze for the devices may not have been that great since we are still more of a laptop-oriented society.

Top 5 Upcoming Tablets That Could Be Worth Your Time and Money

However, the age of laptops will soon come to an end, only to be replaced by the tablet sector. And more so since Apple and Samsung aren't the only ones in the business, and there are more new and affordable options to choose from.

But if that got you all pumped up and excited, you might want to wait a bit before finally investing on a new device as a host of new tablets are soon coming your way in the forthcoming months.

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Here are the top 5 upcoming tablets that could be worth the wait.

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Nexus 8

Google's next Nexus tablet offering, currently dubbed Nexus 8, was always in the pipeline after the success of the previously released Google Nexus 7 tablet (which came around last summer). Reports, however, are now flowing in with details of the new bigger slate showcasing an 8-inch form factor.

Not much is known about the hardware specs and features of the device, but we are expecting an improvement over the Nexus 7's quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S Tablet

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S Tablet, like others in this list, will soon arrive to compete in the market. However, the device is set to arrive with an exception: that it will incorporate the fingerprint technology similar to the likes of iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5.

The new tablet, said to arrive in two sizes: 8.5-inch and 10.5-inch, will look to capitalize on the popularity that was once garnered by the previously releases Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 from Samsung.

New Kindle Fire

For the moment, we will refer to any tablet from Amazon as the new Kindle tablet, since we have no idea what the new tablet will be eventually called. But we are quite sure the a new Kindle Fire will surely grace the new year.

And although even rumors and speculations related to the new device haven't really been flowing in, we are hoping to hear new details about it soon.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

This one has a lot of details for fans to work with. Microsoft introduced the new Surface Pro 3 tablet at an event on Tuesday in New York. The large screen version of one of its Surface tablet is powered by Intel-based processor.

The much improved Surface Pro 3 measures 12-inch diagonally, when compared to the 10.6-inch featuring Surface 2. The tablet has thin bezels with a silver and black design. A release date worldwide for the same is expected this August.

Apple iPad Air (Second Generation)

Although Apple is maintaining extreme secrecy on anything based on the new Apple tablet, reports has suggested that the tablet's next iteration will be thinner and more powerful.

Moreover, according to rumors, the device may also feature a special display that will be integrated with the tablet's panel, allowing for an even slimmer iPad Air. Rumors say that although the second-generation iPad Air is expected to retain the original's 9.7-inch display, it could still end up arriving with an even bigger 12- or 13-inch display.

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