Apple releases four new iPad Pro ads on Youtube; Says it's better than a PC

Apple has released a new ad campaign for the iPad Pro that targets PC users skeptical of the tablet as a real computer.

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Looks like Apple is coming out with a new product which will be an addition to its iPad lineup. And we say this, it's because the company has just released four new iPad Pro ads on its YouTube channel. The ads are further focused on highlighting the features of the tablet and more clearly points out the fact that the new iPad Pro is good enough to replace your personal computer.

Apple releases four new iPad Pro ads on Youtube

Well, after watching the ad we can only say that each of the ads has been cleverly directed. To give you a jist of what it is all about, it is basically 16 seconds ad and starts out with a tweet a user (real tweets) has shared. The tweet talks either about the iPad Pro itself or a situation where an iPad Pro would be useful. The video is basically a response to the tweet.

Let's further break down the ads and see what information does it relay.

Better than computer

So the first video shows a person holding up a cardboard with a tweet that reads "An iPad Pro is not even close to being a computer." However, in the video you will get to hear a voiceover that will explain the benefits of the iPad Pro, pointing out LTE, the touchscreen that supports the Apple Pencil, and its speed.

Internet everywhere

The second video also talks about iPad Pro's LTE functionality. The video reveals that the new iPad Pro will be allowing users to get cellular service anywhere.

Microsoft Word on iPad Pro

The third video points out that Microsoft Word is available on the device. The voiceover explains that users can easily head to the App Store and download the app.

Malware and Virus

Apple's final video talks about viruses, and the tweet practically reads, "My laptop has the nastiest virus and I'm terrified." The video the goes on to explain that the iPad Pro doesn't get any PC viruses and that users can relax.

This is an interesting iPad Pro ad campaign from Apple and it definitely portrays a message that iPad Pro is capable of many new things and is efficient.

Having said that, Apple has been rumored to be preparing to launch an updated iPad Pro on several occasions. These videos just confirm that Apple will release a new updated iPad Pro. However, it is unclear as to when Apple will launch the device.

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