AMD India Officially Unveils FirePro W8100, FirePro W9100 and Radeon R9 285 Graphics Cards

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The new generation has seen the rise of gaming consoles simply beacuse it's becoming hard to maintain a PC and upgrade it year after year. However, PC loyalists keep standing their ground and now AMD has a big treat for them.

AMD India, at an event today, unveiled as many as three new graphics cards that aim to deliver GPU compute power for future-ready 4K workstation workflows and personal supercomputing. The three new graphic cards from AMD being: AMD FirePro W8100, AMD FirePro W9100 and GCN-powered AMD Radeon R9 285.

AMD India Officially Unveils Three New Professional Graphics Cards

With the launch of the AMD FirePro W8100 professional graphics card, the company is looking to enable new levels of workstation performance delivered by the company's second generation, industry-leading AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture.

"With an increase in availability and accessibility of 4K displays, there has been a rise in the applications demanding increased memory support while pushing the limits of real-time 4K video production and rendering," said Raja Koduri, Corporate Vice President, Visual Computing, AMD.

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"The addition of AMD FirePro W8100 is a significant step towards expanding our product portfolio for enabling professionals - in cooperation with our hardware and software partners - with the best kind of workstation performance that they need for supercomputing applications and next generation 4K workflows."

The AMD FirePro W8100, according to the company, is an ideal professional-grade solution for CAD as well as applications dedicated to video editing, color correction, compositing, design visualization and GPU-accelerated compute tasks.

The AMD FirePro W8100 also features 8GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 on-board memory, designed to empower workstation users to load much larger datasets or handle ultra-HD video frames on the GPU's internal memory for processing, diminishing lag while improving the overall responsiveness of the workstation.

AMD India Officially Unveils Three New Professional Graphics Cards

AMD FirePro W9100, on the other hand, offers an industry first 16GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 memory, and workstation users can multi-task efficiently across up to six 4K displays, load massive assemblies and data sets to manipulate them, or edit, color-correct and layer in multiple effects to 4K video projects, all in real-time.

Powered by AMD's latest Graphics Core Next architecture, AMD FirePro W9100 gives creative professionals supercomputing-class performance from a single GPU.

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Finally, the AMD Radeon R9 285, which was unveiled during its 30 Years of Graphics & Gaming event on August 23, 2014, comes packed with the latest Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecturei innovations like support for the upcoming DirectX®12iiand AMD's revolutionary Mantle APIiii.

AMD India Officially Unveils Three New Professional Graphics Cards

The newest addition to the Radeon family also features an engine clock speed of 918 MHz, and 2 GB of frame buffer running at 5.5 Gbps. The Radeon R9 285 GPU is capable of delivering up to 3.29 teraFLOPS of computing performance, offering extreme gaming detail that outshines any card at 1080p and beyond in its category.

"AMD has always been committed to offering world-class graphic solutions for our valuable customers and today's announcement is a re-iteration of the same. The newest addition to the Radeon family AMD Radeon R9 285 GPU is the most compelling product in the market for high resolution gaming," Raja Koduri added.

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