Apple CEO Opposed to Patent Suit Filed Against Samsung

By: Gizbot Bureau

The patent issues between Apple and Samsung are well known, and now it looks like not everyone in the Apple community are in favor of the patent suit filed against Samsung. The Chief Executive of Apple, Tim Cook, who took over the office after the late co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs is seen opposed to the suit filed against the South Korean Company.

According to the sources, Tim Cook remains opposed to the issue as Samsung was one of the key suppliers of components for iPad and iPhones. Apple was reportedly the biggest customer of Samsung in 2011 who bought chips and screens worth of $8 billion. Both the companies strengthened their relationships by signing a flash memory deal back in 2005.

Apple CEO Opposed to Patent Suit Filed Against Samsung

Steve Jobs and Tim Cook are said to have complained to the executives of Samsung about the appearance and feel of Samsung Galaxy S soon after its launch in 2010. The complaint was filed by the duo thinking that the South Korean Company would consider altering the design. Apple lost its patience when Galaxy Tab was introduced in the markets a year later.

Apple, then filed a lawsuit against Samsung in 2011 April seeking the ban of a number of Samsung devices. A lopsided judgment came out imposing a penalty of $1 billion on Samsung. The strained relationship with Samsung resulted in Apple pressing ahead in its plans to associate with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation. The offer, however, was rejected, but access to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation would have reduced Apple's dependence on Samsung for chips to a greater extent.

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