Apple Is Hiring Interaction Designer: Improved Version of Siri on Cards?

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Do you always dream about working for the Cupertino tech-giant Apple? You might be in luck, as Apple has opened 12 Siri-related positions for engineers and interaction designer. Siri, the intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator introduced alongside the iPhone 4S has been major selling point of the device.

Apple Is Hiring Interaction Designer: New Version of Siri on Cards?

Can the new positions mean that Apple is working on news designs for the feature? There are rumors that the company will be releasing a new iPhone this summer. Can these two things be related?

The job openings, however come Siri co-founder Adam Cheyer along with two other founding members quit the company. Google released it's version of virtual assistant, Voice Search, which is said to support more languages and is said to be more faster. Apple could be looking to compete with the Google's virtual assistant, by taking more radical steps to do so. Perhaps, the creators were not happy with the direction at which, Apple was taking Siri. Then again, this is only a speculation.

Apple is calling it the next big revolution in human-computer interaction. Based on the job postings the company is working on improving Siri's accuracy and add new functionality. There is no telling on what exactly the company is planning on, but it appears to be big. According to Apple's job portal, the company is looking for Siri Software Engineers, Siri Interaction Designer and a Siri Monitoring Architect.

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