Apple Plans 'Great Investments' in India: Envisions 200 New Stores by 2015

By: Anuj Bhatia

Apple has been a late entrant when it comes to India. Under the leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple cornered Indian consumers citing many reasons. Now Tim Cook, CEO, Apple is taking both India and China, as serious markets to accomplish its target. Unlike west, where Apple devices sells like crazy, here in India these idevices costs much more. Before 2012, Apple was not sure, whether to see India as a viable destination to do business or not. But now the same company is betting big when it comes to iPhone and other devices.

When the tech giant partnered with Indian telecom powerhouses Airtel and Aircel to distribute iPhone in India, the results were not great. Back in 2012, Apple rather gone for regional channel partners likes Redington and Ingram Micro. These channel partners were much more into the distribution business, and somehow Apple cracked the Indian code. For many here in India, Apple iPhone symbolizes status. Some of them even do not understand what they can do with their smartphones.

Apple Envisions 200 New Stores by 2015

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Generally, iPhones were seen in the hands of Bollywood stars and Cricketers, but not anymore. In cities like New Delhi or Bangalore, iPhone is as common as any other device. You don't believe- - cities like Varanasi which is known for its Ghats and temples also bitten by iPhone bug. Every mom and pop mobile phone shop there placed big banners of iPhone 4.

So, it is natural to say that iPhone is in the demand. There are other reasons for the success of iPhone in India. Apple still sells previous generation iPhones including iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in the market. Apple iPhone 4 was announced back in the year 2010, and even now the company offers the device in India. Even though technology wise, it's an old device still one cannot ignore the craze behind to have at least one. No other tech vendor ever managed to sell a three year old cell phone model. Only Apple has courage to sell.

Another major highlight of the success of Apple is the launch of EMI scheme. You pay a set amount in the beginning and then equally distribute it on a monthly basis. The experiment proved so worthy that Apple became the second largest supplier in the Indian smartphone market.

The same model that Apple started a year back, now is being used by Samsung among others. Due to strict FDI norms here in India, Apple still do not have mega retail stores. However, the company is heavily depended upon its retail franchise partners, and other multi-brand retail chains. A report by The Economic Times says that Apple plans to triple its exclusive stores by 2015.

"Apple Inc has decided to scale up its presence in the country and plans to triple its exclusive stores to around 200 by 2015, said three of its dedicated franchisees," said the report.

Currently, there are over 65 exclusive Apple stores in India managed by franchisees. With the rumors of low cost iPhone blazing more than ever, it is the right time for Apple to take India as a serious market.

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