Chat App Messaging Has Surpassed SMS Services In Popularity

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Chat applications are making users say bye bye to SMS, according to new reports. Research firm Informa have reported that an average of 19 billion messages are sent per day, using chat apps like WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger, Viber, Nimbuzz, Apple's iMessage, and KakaoTalk. According to Gigaom, by 2014, the app based messages is predicted to reach 50 billion, while SMS messages are expected to reach 21 billion.

Chat applications are costing the carriers in the revenues front, big time. New studies by research firm Ovum suggests that these apps will cost global mobile operators, $32.6 billion in loss of revenues, in 2013. These numbers could go up to $86 billion in 2020, estimates the report.

Chat App Messaging Has Surpassed SMS Services In Popularity

Generally message apps are generally free, while the SMS does cost some money. This might be a prime reason for shift in user base. However all hope is not lost for the SMS, as over-the-top (OTT) apps such as Whatsapp is of little use when you have to message others, who are using other platforms including feature phones. In this case, SMS is the only viable option. Then again, people are increasingly adopting smartphones, leaving behind feature phones and it could only be a matter of time before SMS goes extinct.

Anyways, carriers need not worry too much, as SMS is still preferred in developing countries and also they can collaborate with messenger apps to provide offers to mobile users.

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Source: Gigaom, Cnet

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