Google Celebrates Miriam Makeba's 81st Birthday With A Colorful Doodle

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Google pays homage to Grammy Award-winning South African singer Miriam Makeba with a a special doodle. She was an artist and a civil right activist and her music touched the lives of many, not just in Africa but also the world. She is perhaps best known for the song, Pata Pata, which was first recorded in 1957.

Miriam Makeba was born in Johannesburg on 4 March 1932 and she did not have the greatest of childhoods. She was only 18 days old, when her mother was thrown into jail, for selling umqombothi, an African homemade beer, which was illegal at the time. Miriam was forced to spend the first 6 months of her life in jail. Mariam lost her father when she was just six, but things were taking a turn for the African girl, as she would step foot into the world of music.

Google Celebrates Miriam Makeba's 81st Birthday With A Colorful Doodle

Mariam as a child, sang in the choir of the Kilmerton Training Institute in Pretoria, a primary school. In 1950, she was featured in the South African jazz group the Manhattan Brothers, which payed pay for an illustrious carrier in music. Her big break came, when she made an singing-appearance in the in the anti-apartheid documentary film, Come Back, Africa. Her appearance caught the eye of Harry Belafonte, a multi-talented artist. Belafonte assisted Mariam in gaining entry to the United States and here is where her carrier flourished. The two recorded an album titled 'An Evening with Belafonte/Makeba', which addressed political plight of black South Africans, under apartheid. The album won a Grammy award for Best Folk Recording.

On November 9, 2008, Mariam was performing her hit single 'Pata Pata', live in concert. This would be a her last performance, as she suffered from a heart attack during the song, and unfortunately passed away. Google celebrates her birthday and her legacy, with a doodle, this March 4.

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