Google To Conduct Employee Performance Review: 10,000 Employees Could Lose Jobs

Google To Conduct Employee Performance Review: Axing 10,000 Jobs?

After Twitter, Meta, Microsoft, and several other tech giants, it could be time for Google employees to fear for their jobs. The search giant could soon conduct a performance review of all its employees. At the end of the review, Google may ask 10,000 employees to resign. Let's see why, and how, Google plans to lay off such a large number of employees.


Google Wants To Identify Poor Performers?

Google, just like every other tech company, is gearing up for tougher financial conditions. Tech giants, including Meta, Twitter, Amazon, and several others, are either planning or implementing downsizing measures. Google is one of the biggest employers in the tech sector, and hence, its downsizing measures could result in thousands losing their jobs.

Although Google hasn't confirmed any downsizing yet, several reports indicate Google is planning to implement a performance improvement plan. Employees could be rated on their performance by the management.

At the end of the employee performance review, close to 10,000 Google employees with poor ratings could be asked to resign. It is not immediately clear if Google could allow some of the employees to improve their performance, and reevaluate them later.

Reports suggest Google is implementing the review to identify about 6 percent of the staff which could be laid off, presumably without negatively impacting the company. The performance review system could also help Google reduce current and future overheads.

Does Google Overpay Its Employees?

Google has a very generous pay package for its employees. According to a US Securities and Exchange Commission report, the median salary of a Google employee was $295,884 last year. Compared to the industry standard, Google's parent company Alphabet reportedly pays its employees 153 percent more than the 20 largest tech companies in the US.

Needless to say, laying off employees could help Google cut down its expenditures significantly. The upcoming performance review could help Google justify axing jobs. However, the exercise could also help Google to lower the perks such as bonuses and stocks it offers its employees. Such perks are usually linked to performance. Any downgrading of the performance rating would obviously bring down the perks awarded.

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