Google IO Starting Today: Top 5 Things to Look Out For

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Finally Google's massively anticipated I/O event is kicking off this Wednesday with a keynote that's expected to bring a lot of new things on the front. And going by the fact that Google is already expected to make the event big, we are expecting new tech that will pave the way for future.

According to Google, this year's conference is all about three D's: Design, Develop and Distribute. But what really is intriguing in all this is the fact that Google may be looking for more new ways to distribute its apps, apart from just Google Play and the Chrome Web Store.

Google IO Starting Today: Top 5 Things to Look Out For

And as always, major things are expected to happen on the Android front: the operating system that has given Google such a boost in the mobiles department. While we wait to find out what exactly goes down, Google is expected to take Android beyond just its application for a phone.

And when we say beyond phone, we mean that the company is planning to bring it over to your wrist, your TV, and even to your car. But then again, Android won't be the only focus for the company at the event.

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Nonetheless, Google will unveil all that needs to be unveiled at the event, and that involves a lot of different tech, applications and even a vision of the future of the mobile industry. So before the biggest nerd party on the planet gets rolling, we are taking a look at the probable things Google might introduce at the event.

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Take a look at the top 5 things that you could expect from Google at the event.

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Google I/O Expectations: The Next Android, Probably

It doesn't really get any real than this, seriously! There was a news that came into being this morning stating that in an exclusive interview with Businessweek, Sundar Pichai, Head of Google's Android, said he will master the ceremonies at Google I/O and among other things revealed on the stage he will also preview the next version of Android. Fingers crossed, here!

Google I/O Expectations: Autobots! Assemble.. Wait, it's Just Your Home

Did you know that there's a certain Android@Home group that's focused on home automation? And the best part about is the group might have a major role to play at this year's I/O. Perhaps there are some new announcements to be made in that front? but even if we are in fact lucky enough to witness something from that this year, don't expect too much since we are still stuck at phase 1 of the project.

Google I/O Expectations: Android Silver on the Horizon?

Android Silver, in case you haven't been following up on it, is set to take over Google's popular Nexus line of smartphones. And although it's just a simple case of re-branding, make no mistake that new features and maybe the next version of Android could be up for grabs.

Google I/O Expectations: Android For the Car

Android is almost everywhere. You name it, and it's already there. Be it on your phone, or your TV, on your wrist, it has made its presence felt. And now the next biggest thing for Google is to port that Android to your car. If you know your Google facts, Google had already launched the Open Automotive Alliance in January. and we are expecting more and more car makers to take up the initiative seriously. So are you ready to control your phone from your dashboard?

Google I/O Expectations: Wearable Android Goodies

Android Wear is no more a secret, really. Google has already mentioned it a few times, and expect great things in that front at this year's I/O. The Moto 360 remains to be our main attraction in this regard, especially after the concept images for the same made us all want one. However, also expect more openess from LG's G Watch as well. But all things come in good time, and let's just keep our excitements bottled up and see what pans out in the event.

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