Google Launches Crisis Map and People Finder Web App To Aid In Uttarakhand Rescue Operations

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It's a nightmarish situation at Uttarakhand, floods has left a trail of destruction that could seam hopeless. It is believed that unforgiving force a nature may claimed more then thousand lives. The governmnet has deployed rescue forces, who are working tirelessly to bring the the stranded some much needed help. Google is also playing part in the rescue operations. The tech giant launched People Finder web-app to help find persons missing in the Uttarakhand floods.

Google Launches Crisis Map & People Finder Web App To Aid Uttarakhand

The temporary tool offers two buttons - one which says i'm looking for someone and the other one says I have information about someone. It's pretty self explanatory on what, the two buttons do. The tools shares the information entered with public and press agencies, NGOs and others, to help keep a updated database. You can request status via SMS by sending an SMS to 9 77 33 00 000 with the message Search person-name.

Google has also launched a detailed Crisis Map for Uttarakhand, providing information on medical centers, relief centers and the level of flooding in the effected areas. The crisis map shows roads and terrains and also information on roads that are closed due to the natural disaster. Also the map has colour coded the areas according to levels of flooding.

Jayanth Mysore, Google's Senior Product Manager wrote in the blog, "We rely on all of you to contribute better information and improve the accuracy over the coming days. In case you do have information to share, please write in to"

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