Google Reveals Self Driving Car Prototype Without Steering Wheels: 5 Things To Look Forward To

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What do you do when you get tired of developing popular apps, amazing operating systems and the most trusted online search engine on the planet? Simple. You just develop a smartcar with futuristic features. Take a bow, Google!

Unless you have been living under a rock, Google has just unveiled a brand new prototype for the next-gen car it's developing. Apparently, the car is set to be one of the smartest means of travelling on the planet on release, and all that without even the presence of a steering wheel inside the car.

Google Reveals Self Driving Car Prototype: 5 Things to Expect

As of now, nobody has put the new technology in context as well as Google. The company states: "Just imagine: You can take a trip downtown at lunchtime without a 20-minute buffer to find parking. Seniors can keep their freedom even if they can't keep their car keys. And drunk and distracted driving? History."

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Apart from that, Google is also hoping to see its new two-seater self-driven cars on the road within a year, starting with a consignment of around 100 cars. These will be built in Detroit and deployed on the roads of California.

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But while all that sounds cool enough to make a sci-fi movie out of, how exactly will the new ride affect your life? Will it be for the better, or for the worse? And what exactly are the reasons why you could invest on one? We take a look at the top 5 things that you could look forward to with the car.

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A Two-Seated Automation

While most people will in fact argue that a two seater isn't really a family car, and a more selfish mode of transportation, but Google isn't really focusing on a family car at the moment. A two-seated car is one that involves you and just your loved one. And what better than an automatic, hands-free ride without a single care in the world.

Accidents? What Accidents?

According to the World Health Organization, more than 1.2 million lives are lost every year in road traffic accidents. Well, that won't really be a worry for you with an automatic ride at your disposal. The ride's there so that for at least once in your life you can get in your car without pessimistic thoughts about a "Road Rash" like experience.


We have said this once, and we will say it yet again. A hassle-free ride is what everyone expects, only to end up with a bumpy ride and bad mood. But with Google's own self driven cars, without a steering wheel, brake or accelerator, even the word "hassle" seems like it's out of the dictionary.

Integrated Software

Remember when we said the car doesn't come with the traditional steering wheel, brake or accelerator? So then how exactly does the car work? Well, the built-in software and sensors in the car are potent enough to do all the work. But is there more to it? Well, there are chances that Google could actually end up developing a customized OS for the car in the future.

Trust the Devs

Google assures that in order to develop this technology, it has gathered some of the very best engineers from the DARPA Challenges, a series of autonomous vehicle races organized by the U.S. Government. And since safety is the primary concern for the company, it's only natural that the brightest minds in the game will now look after your safety.

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