Google To Bring Android Nation Retail Stores To India

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Google seams to be looking to promote Android adaptation in India. The search giant will be partnering with Spice Global to set up retail stores called Android Nation, across the country, starting from Delhi. The store will promote and sell various android powered samrtphones and tablets across multiple brands Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG amongst others.

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Google To Bring Android Nation Retail Stores To India

These stores will also serve as Android experience centres, where find out more about the latest Android apps, get help from expert, download software updates or even buy latest accessories for their devices. India will be the second country to get Android Nation stores after Indonesia.

BK Modi, chairman of Spice told ET That the company's partnership with Google will not just be restricted to India, but other regions. Spice Global will also be pushing Android devices in the Middle East, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Africa.

Also, Google is reportedly helping Spice Global in bringing China's third largest smartphone brand CoolPad, to India. The products to be sold under the name Spice CoolPad at Android Nation stores.

Spice Global currently has around 900 Hotspots spread across the country. The company looks to convert 50 of these hotspots into Android Nation stores. These hot spots which go by the name Spice currently sell various mobile phone brands and accessories.

News: ET

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