Google vs French Newspapers: Dispute Settled

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Google Inc. has finally settled the company's dispute with French newspapers as well as magazine publishers by offering to set up a fund of EUR 60 million that will serve to help the French news media to find an easier path to proliferating on the internet. This is in exchange of not having to pay the newspapers for providing their story links on the web.

Google has reached the settlement by offering the funds which will be utilized to help French print media to wise up on their internet operations and help make the transition smooth. This is advantageous for the French media in the respect that print advertising has been giving way for online ads.

Google vs French Newspapers: Dispute Settled

This decision has been taken after negotiations that lasted two months following the demand from local media sited for payment by the search engine giant. Google Inc. had been demanded to pay them for each click that their online story links received.

The French government had issued a threat to Google that it would tax the revenue that the company makes from ads that are posted on the side of the search results. This received a harsh retort from the US company implying that the company will stop the indexing of articles of French newspapers or magazines.

The Digital Publishing Innovation Fund is just one offering from Google. The company has also allowed the access of advertising platforms by the French media at lesser costs. This compromise will let Google off from having to pay the ongoing licensing fee.

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